I’ve been getting acupuncture treatments (and herbal medicines) from Alexis on and off for the past four years — first at the Petaluma acupuncture clinic and more recently in Pt. Reyes Station. Alexis is terrific … knowledgeable, experienced, intuitive and has a heart of gold. She’s been helping me with a variety of issues — anxiety, insomnia, psoriasis (yeah, it’s a long list!) … Her West Marin Acupuncture Collective provides an important and valuable service to our small, rural community, and we are deeply grateful.  Michael

Alexis helped me gently work through my fears of needles and treated me with the goal being free of pain from endometriosis. She helped me tremendously. I look forward to seeing her every time, it’s like a mini vacation. She is warm, knowledgeable and understanding. I highly recommend her to everyone I can! Victoria

Acupuncture by Alexis is amazing. After having her treatment I felt completely relaxed and on another level. She not only helped me with my sciatica, she addressed my anxiety as well. She’s gentle but firm with her needles and is attentive to all of your needs. The only thing comparable to her needle work is her genuine bedside manner. No pain is too small, no question is too simple, she wants to know whats going on with YOU. When you’re with Alexis you’re with a healer, a friend and an expert in her craft.  Ben

I just wanted to share with you, potential client/patient my story. I am a very busy RN who is also pursuing my Masters in Science. I have worked in the medical industry since 1993 and have seen quite a bit. My job by its very nature is stressful. As healthcare reform continues the team I work with is trying to adjust to perpetual change and doing more with so much less while maintaining a very high standard of care.

As such many of my nursing colleagues suffer from minor to major stress-induced health issues. As a headache sufferer for most of my life I have tried everything, or so I thought. I stumbled upon acupuncture out of sheer desperation. I met Alexis, my primary acupuncturist, and after my first visit with her in which I described my many symptoms, discomforts, and frustrations I couldn’t help but think that she may think I am a bit crazy, or possibly a huge complainer. Not so! She embraced my “disease” with a gentleness, calm, and concern that I have never experienced in Western medicine.

As I sat in one of the many comfortable chairs Alexis began my treatment. I fell into such a relaxed state that I fell asleep. I awoke two hours later to the gentle Zen music playing in the room. I have never felt so relaxed and at peace in my entire life. I could feel a difference that is hard to describe but in a two words – great relief.

As my journey with discovery and healing continues I was able to experience Cupping, a very ancient treatment that one has to experience to understand the benefits. I am no longer baffled at why I feel so great, why I don’t have constant headaches and migraines any more. I know why. I opened my mind and trusted this truly gifted individual to help me. Help she did. Thank you for reading my story and I wish you health and happiness.  Siobhan